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Supporting World Vision’s Global Fight against Poverty

by Joseph Hahs, MN

General contractor and property management professional Joseph Hahs is the founder and owner of Cork, LLC, in St. Paul, MN. Outside of his professional life as a Minnesota entrepreneur, Joseph Hahs is involved with both local MN charities and global aid organizations like World Vision, a nonprofit that focuses on ending poverty worldwide.
Last year, World Vision dedicated 85 percent of its operating expenses to helping children and communities around the world. The most impactful way to help the organization is to participate in its Sponsor a Child program. By donating $39 per month, sponsors finance much-needed items such as bed nets, nutritious food, and job training for adults. For those who wish to donate but do not wish to make monthly payments, one-time donation options found on the World Vision website fund the purchase of resources such as clean water, medical supplies, and educational materials.
In addition to contributing monetary donations, those interested in supporting World Vision’s mission can get involved with volunteer projects and fundraising activities. Individuals are needed to assemble kits and host film screenings, while groups can gather to participate in events such as the Run for Clean Water. Still others can make a difference by advocating for national legislation that protects life across the planet.
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