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The Arc of Minnesota - Helping Those with Intellectual Disabilities

by Joseph Hahs, MN

Joseph Hahs is a St. Paul, MN, entrepreneur who leads the property management and general contracting enterprise Cork, LLC. An active presence in his community, Joseph Hahs supports nonprofits such as The Arc of Minnesota, which seeks to protect and promote the rights of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Since its foundation in 1951, the organization has assisted those living with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
One of the major programs of The Arc of Minnesota is Housing Access Services, which is a partnership with a number of MN counties and the Department of Human Services Disability Division. Since its inception in 2009, the program has enabled more than 1,300 individuals to transition to their own homes.
Housing Access Services is made available to people of any age who qualify for the Minnesota Medicaid waiver or home care services and have an active desire to move into their own residence. The program is accessible through an intake line at 651-523-0823, ext. 101.
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